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  Haak, Ron and Darlene Markovich
  Tank Design*

* Donors marked with an asterisk have generously given us in-kind services or goods, and may also have given financial support.
Benefactors - $25,000 to 49,999
  Betlach Family Foundation
  The Dalai Lama Foundation
  Sandra and Bernie Magnussen
  Zaffaroni Foundation

* Donors marked with an asterisk have generously given us in-kind services or goods, and may also have given financial support.
Patrons - $10,000 to 24,999
  David Kimball Anderson*
  Benton, Marjorie C.
  Despert, Alain
  Simpson, Jean*
  SPUR Projects*
  Sharon Stone
  Chade-Meng Tan
  Trotter, Charlie
  W Hotels*

Contributors - $5,000 to 9,999
  Bailey, Chase
  Chameleon Creations*
  Committee of 100 for Tibet
  Carolyn Ferris Philanthropic Fund
  Susan Fairbrook*
  Fund for Peace Initiatives
  The Herb Ritts Foundation*
  Joy Kutaka Kennedy in honor of Sadako Kennedy*
  Melanee Cooper Gallery*
  Magnolia Editions*
  Suzanne Martin and John Doyle
  Tibet House, New York City*
  Mary Rauner*
  Manuela Testolini
Donors - $1,000 to 4,999
  Bailey, Gale*
  Barry, Marie and Douglas
  Yvon Chouinard
  Clark, Marna
  DeWitt, Les
  Dharma Publishing*
  Dharma Art*
  Exact Printing*
  FACE Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  Fairbook, Susan
  Fund for Peace Initiatives*
  Galivant Group*
  Getty Images*
Donors (continued) - $1,000 to 4,999
  Graphic Arts West*
  Kristine, Lisa
  Magnolia Editions
  Markovich, Steve
  Martin, Suzanne
  Miner, Edward P. and Sumaya Newland
  New Wave Entertainment/Alan Barak
  NYPAC International, Inc.
  Penguin Books*
  Andra Samelson*
  Fred Segal
  Staple, Peter and Harise
  Taran, David and Randy
  Tibet Design*
  Timex Corporation
  Webster, Sam and Kim

Supporters - Up to $999
  Alperin, R.
  Anderson, William
  Antyony, Joyce and Thomas E.
  Atkinson, Margaret M.
  Aune, Robert E. and Michelle A. Bello
  Bachmann, Michael and Cecilia
  Bailey, Tammy R.
  Baker, Simon G.
  Barry, David W. and Elaine Ruth
  Becker, Jerry and Beverly D.
  Benvegnu, Claudia and Dominic
  Berkeley, Steve and Patt Chubb
Supporters (continued) - Up to $999
  Biorn, Stephanie L.
  Black, Iryne C.
  Bliss, Sharron and Herbert H. Frybarger
  Micheline Bogey
  Bordeaux, Mary
  Bradford, Peabody
  Brady, Jane
  Brown, Denise Halet
  Brown, Michael S. and Laura Malakoff
  Brown, Susan M. and James N. Penrod
  Bruning, Patricia
  Butler, Daniel E.
  Callaghan, Jonathan D. and Christie
  Campbell, Rhonda and Lenore Schuh
  Carlson, Barbara and Don
Supporters (continued) - Up to $999
  Carpenter Jr., John
  Chambeau, Dr. Marilyn T.
  Chodron, Tashi
  Church, Bill and Ann
  Coleman, Mark J. and Kathryn A.
  Corwin, Michael and Merlyn A.
  Coupa Café*
  Daigneault, Michelle
  Dass Michaels (Ann Michaels-Shannon)
  Darshana Yoga*
  Davey, Mary C.
  Deganello, Natasha
  Delenstarr, D. and G.
  Derringer, Corinne
  DiPrisco, Joseph
Supporters (continued) - Up to $999
  DiMond, Lavinia M. and Charles R. Strong
  Doherty, Susan M.
  Elam, Nevan and Kholoud Z.
  Environmental Collaborative
  Fadiman, Dorothy and James
  Fairbrook, Peig
  Farr, Hope
  Farrar, W. Wilson
  Fethe, Harold and Fran Charlson
  Feyerabrend, Bobbi and Georgia Madden
  Fischer, Mary Lynn and B. Whitfield Diffie
  Friedman, Jeanne T.
  Gansky, Lisa
Supporters (continued) - Up to $999
  Garry Bailey "Store"
  Goldberg, Evan M. and Cindy M.
  Grimoldi, Kathleen
  Guy Buffet Productions, Inc.
  Gyorfi, Lance A. and Katherine M.
  Haak, Janice and Tim
  Halet Brown, Denise
  Halfhill, Michael J.
  Hanna, Joyce
  Hansen, Marka and Joe Brubaker
  Hatz, Diane M.
  Haug, Rodney and Alison
  Hayes, Edmund and Carolyn
  Harrison, Melvin C., Jr.
  Heditsian, Diane
Supporters (continued) - Up to $999
  Hodge, Beverly
  Hodge, John C. and Stacey Keare
  Hoeber, Tony and Linda Q.
  Hoenninger, Beth Harris
  Hogle, George H. and Ann M.
  Hopper, Janel
  Horsting, Barbara A.
  Huff, Lisa Christine
  Johansen, Hannah
  Johnson, Kevin P. B. and Melinda L.
  Jones, Sally S.
  Jordan, Wendy
  Kern, Janet
  Kidd, Derek
  Klieger, P. Christiaan
Supporters (continued) - Up to $999
  Klyce, Ellen
  Kristen, Lisa
  Kutaka-Kennedy, Joy
  Ladenla, Phil and Sophie
  LeBrun Cherry, and Forrest Warthman
  Lee, Agatha-Sue
  Lehman, Luba and David C.
  Lewis, Geoffrey
  Lillie, Mr. John and Mrs. Daryl
  Lillie, Theodore and Tracy Ginsborg
  Litteneker, Randall J. and Rebecca U.
  Living Dharma
  Loeffler, Debra
  Loftus, Teresa
  Lonergan, Frank R. and Rita M.
Supporters (continued) - Up to $999
  Loomes, Pat
  Lorraine, Carol
  Lunar Design
  Maguire, Mairead Corrigan
  Makower, Frances Z.
  Mann, Robert and Steve Snyder
  Manning, Charles and Rena Kirkpatrick
  Markovich, Becky
  Marseille, Claudia and Sam Barakat
  Mcilwrath, Rolleen and James
  Martin, James
  McKay, Nancy
  McNeil, Jeanette
Supporters (continued) - Up to $999
  M-D Investements
  Mendoza, David and Michelle
  Mietz Cellars
  Moran, Mary Lynn, M.D.
  Mosler, Lynne Gravelle
  Motzkin, Patricia G.
  Mullin Family Trust
  Murray, John R. and Elizabeth S.
  Navarro Vineyards*
  Nazario, Thomas Albert
  Norbu, Tashi
  Olds, Vicki
  Overman, Susan
  Owens, Bradley and Alka Joshi
  Oyen, Nichol and Joseph Cruz
Supporters (continued) - Up to $999
  Panos, Rodney and Jeanne
  Padilla, Darcy
  Paustenbach, Louise
  Peabody, Anne M.
  Petzer, Coleen
  Phelan, Darren D. and Alicia
  Phipps, Joseph B. and Jane K.
  Pollard, Dawn and Robert Fieber
  Pollioni, Claire Wilbur and Parnell
  Porter Revocable Trust
  Porter, W. A.
  Proteus Design
  Raffin, Michelle and Tom
  Regan, Janet T.
Supporters (continued) - Up to $999
  Rhea, Darrel
  Richard, Greg
  Rios, Ana Patricia
  Robbins, Paul B. and Shari L.
  Robinson, A. J.
  Robison, Marianne B.
  Roebuck, Joan E.
  Roos, Helene
  Root's Cellar
  Rose, J. Michael and Ellen
  Rosen, Howard B. and Susan Doherty
  Rosenbluth, Vicki
  Rosenfeld, Shoshana
  Roth, Carol Susan
  Shannon, Kristen
Supporters (continued) - Up to $999
  Rosenbluth, Vicki
  Scharfmann, Jonathan D.
  Schmidt, Kathryn
  Shannon, Kristen
  Shelton, Robert D.
  Shepardson, Julia and Fred
  Simpson, Amy
  Simpson, Barbara
  Simpson, Barclay and Sharon
  Sisters of the Sound Continuum
  Southham, James L. and Mary Ann
  Spector, Angeline and Richard
  Stanley, Gail
  Stein, Lucy
Supporters (continued) - Up to $999
  Stone, Steve and Kristina
  Strout, Audrey E.
  Subrizi, Alessandro
  Superior Service Contractors
  Swanson, Dennis V. and Nancy Sudren McKay
  Swift, Krysia
  Taber, Richard H. and Julia M.
  Taylor, Steven and Lori
  Tethong, Tenzin and Bina
  Thompson, Tracie L.
  Ting, Alan W.
  Trabin, Tom E.
  Trunnell, Nancy
  Tsering, Dechen
  Vassi Koutsaftis*
  Vassallo, Giovanni and Tenzing
Supporters (continued) - Up to $999
  Vrba, Thomas
  Wagner, Melanie Thorne and John W.
  Walker, Bruce
  Weber, David and Ruth M. Goldstone
  Webster, S. H. and Mary Sibley
  Wechsler, Dr. Howard C. and Mrs. Merna G.
  Werdegar, Helen M.
  William Anderson Interiors, Inc.
  Williamson, Richard C.
  Wilstein, Steve and Christine Rae
  Win/Win Ventures, Inc.
  Yugay, Jigme and Nima
  Yuthok, Carol and Gyalden Wangchuk
  Zubrick, Barbara K.
  * Donors marked with an asterisk have generously given us in-kind services or goods, and may also have given financial support.